Cet été, prenez le temps de broder ♡

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Pink and green have always been my favorite colors...

Pink, or Rose in French, just makes everything pretty! It evokes dream and softness.

Celadon, or Céladon, is a term for a glazed porcelain from Asia. It's such a unic color that it became a name for a shade of green, used in various languages all over the world. It evokes nature and craft.

Rose Céladon DIY kits are born to make you happy and spread some poetry and magic in your daily life, through making.

Making things, using simple and natural materials, is essential for you.
In our digital age, there is nothing more valued than something handmade.

The first collection of Rose Céladon kits are about embroidery. You will be able to customize any cloth or make a nice frame to decorate your house. Symbolizing the "slow" making, embroidery will bring you peace and a lot of satisfaction!

You'll see, embroidery is easy! It takes only time and love.